St. Vincent and the Grenadines is currently moving apace with several new initiatives in the agricultural sector. The Medicinal Cannabis industry is developing and expanding rapidly, and plans are afoot to develop a Psychedelics industry that will respond to several existential challenges relating to health and wellness, including mental health. The onset of global value chains in such a biotechnological sector within the natural agriculture and industrial frameworks can have a significant impact on the country’s economy with respect to production, global trade, and employment. The fishing sector is also poised to expand to include increased packaging and exportation of fish stocks through the operations of new export partners.  This would be done by means of foreign direct investment and globalization of production through several value-added initiatives.

 Throughout this period of development within the agricultural and industrial sectors, SVG anticipates that it will attract foreign international firms to conduct business locally. As a consequence of the involvement of such international firms, a diverse number of services related to standardization and quality will be required, and the Bureau must therefore position itself to respond to these opportunities in an aggressive manner.

 The Ministry Of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry and Labour, which is the Executing Agency for the project, wishes to procure consultancy services to develop a Strategic Plan for the Bureau of Standards located at Campden Park. The Ministry now invites interested eligible consulting firms to submit Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the provision of these consultancy services.

 The objective of the consultancy is to develop a Strategic Plan for the Bureau of Standards. The Plan will serve as a road map that will delineate all the strategic roles and functions of a modern functioning national standards body. It will be the blueprint that will transform the Bureau into an agency with the capacity to respond alacritously to the needs of a market that is expanding rapidly. It will also address various issues of institutional strengthening and capacity building that will enable the Bureau to deliver quality services to local regional and international clientele, consistent with international best practices.

 In undertaking the activities of this exercise, the consulting team/firm must:

  1. Provide a copy of their CV in which they will detail their work experience, qualification and other relevant information to the assignment.
  2. Be familiar with the roles and functions of the Bureau of Standards vis-à-vis that of a modern Bureau of Standards and must have an understanding of the markets it hopes to serve.
  3. Be familiar with the standardization process and how the Bureau facilitates that process.
  4. Liaise with the Bureau of Standards and the Ministry Of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry and Labour in the preparation of the Strategic Plan.
  5. Prepare an implementation plan, using agreed installation schedule for key deliverables within the plan.
  6. Present a Draft Strategic Plan to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry and Labour for feedback and input before the document is finalized. If the input provided are deemed relevant to the subject matter in question, and would improve the quality of the document, they must be reflected in the final document.

 In the assessment of submissions, consideration will be given to technical competence, qualifications and experience, local and regional experience on similar assignments.

 Consultant(s) will be eligible to participate if:

  • in the case of a body corporate, it is legally incorporated or otherwise organized in a CARICOM member state, has as its principal place of business in a CARICOM member state and is more than 50 per cent beneficially owned by citizen(s) and/or bona fide residents(s) of a CARICOM member state meeting these requirements;
  • in the case of unincorporated firms, the persons or citizens or bona fide residents of a CARICOM member state; and
  • in all cases, the consultant has no arrangement and undertakes not to make arrangements, whereby any substantial part of the net profits or other tangible benefits of the contract will accrue to be paid a person not a citizen or bona fide resident of a member state of CARICOM.

 All information must be submitted in English. Further information may be obtained from the address below between 8.00 and 16.00 hours Monday to Friday.

 The Expressions of Interest must be received at the address below no later than Friday 14, January 2022 at 16.00 hrs. One electronic copy must be sent via email to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry and Labour with the name and address of the applicant and shall be clearly marked “Expression of Interest – Strategic Plan, Bureau of Standards.”

 The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry and Labour reserves the right to accept or reject late Expression of Interest or to cancel the present invitation partially or in its entirety. It will not be bound to assign any reason for not selecting any applicant and will not defray any costs incurred by any applicant in the preparation and submission of Expressions of Interest.

 The duration of the assignment is expected to be for a period of 3 months.


The Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry and Labour


St. Vincent


Email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Attention: Mrs. Nerissa Gittens