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Prohibition against Termination

An employer shall not terminate the services of an employee on any of the following grounds:

1. Trade union membership or participation in trade union activities outside working hours or, with the consent of the employer, within working hours.

2. Seeking office as, or acting as the capacity of, an employee representative.

3. Making a complaint or participating in proceedings against an employer involving an alleged violation of laws and regulation.

4. Race, colour, sex, marital status, pregnancy, religion, political opinion, nationality or social origin.

5. Reasonable absence from work due to family emergencies or responsibilities.

6. Absence from work during maternity leave as certified by a medical practitioner.

7. Absence from work due to injury or illness provided that the employee submits a medical certificate to his employer by the third day of absence.

8. Absence from work in the performance of jury service as required by law.

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Over the last six months the Department of Labour has been engaged in a pilot project to implement workplace policies on HIV and AIDS at the enterprise level. The Project which was funded by the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the International Labour Organisation was launched on 18th June 2013.

The objective of the Project is to ensure that the contents of the National Policy on HIV and AIDS are applied on the job and that the standards and guidelines are adhered to with respect to the treatment of employees who may be infected and/or affected by HIV and AIDS.


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The Annual Review Meeting of the Canada Caribbean Seasonal Agricultural Workers Programme was held in Montego Bay, Jamaica from 2nd – 6th December 2013. St. Vincent and the Grenadines was represented at the meeting by Deputy Labour Commissioner, Mrs Bernadine Dublin.

This meeting is held each year in different Caribbean Countries to review policies and procedures relative to farm workers from various Caribbean Countries who travel to Canada on a yearly basis to work mainly on fruits and vegetables farms. The Canada/Caribbean alliance has yielded enormous economic benefits for both regions over the years. The 2012 figures for compulsory savings by Vincentian farm workers were EC$956, 676.23, an increase of some $24,006.18 over the 2011 figures.



The Department of Labour will host a meeting of all key stakeholders of the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Labour Market Information System (SVG-LMIS) on Friday 13th December at the NIS Training Room at 8.30 am. This event is intended to provide greater impetus for the continued development of the SVG-LMIS since its official launch in 2011.

The presentation and signing of a memorandum of understanding would be one of the main features of this meeting. This consensus document will be signed by the three main stakeholders in the LMIS – the Department of Labour, the Central Statistical Office and the National Insurance Services (NIS) who have all recognised the need for collaboration and information sharing if a successful SVG-LMIS is to be realised.

The main objectives of this collaborative effort among the tripartite stakeholders are to:

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