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Prohibition against Termination

An employer shall not terminate the services of an employee on any of the following grounds:

1. Trade union membership or participation in trade union activities outside working hours or, with the consent of the employer, within working hours.

2. Seeking office as, or acting as the capacity of, an employee representative.

3. Making a complaint or participating in proceedings against an employer involving an alleged violation of laws and regulation.

4. Race, colour, sex, marital status, pregnancy, religion, political opinion, nationality or social origin.

5. Reasonable absence from work due to family emergencies or responsibilities.

6. Absence from work during maternity leave as certified by a medical practitioner.

7. Absence from work due to injury or illness provided that the employee submits a medical certificate to his employer by the third day of absence.

8. Absence from work in the performance of jury service as required by law.

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To improve the quality of life of workers by fostering a greater degree of collaboration between Government and the Social Partners (Trade Union and Employers) thus engendering a peaceful industrial climate.


To maintain an effective Labour Department that is dedicated to stability in the labour market, to establish a workplace equipped to operate in a competitive environment to disseminate accurate and timely information and to ensure that the labour laws are upheld


Dispute Settlement (Individual complaints/Trade Union initiated complaints settlement by way of conciliation)

Advice on Employment and Labour Matters

Workplace Inspections

Overseas Migrant Workers Programme

Employment Services (Registration of Job Seekers, Job Placement, Job Search Training)

Labour Market Information


The Labour Department, which is headed by a Labour Commissioner, has a total of seventeen persons on staff including four labour inspectors.